Union of New Brunswick Indians

New Brunswick First Nations are eager to assume our rightful place as managers of our own destiny. We look forward to the day when self government is fully recognized and all peoples live and work vigorously and compassionate together in communities. To us, compassion means looking after the needs of our people, respecting our history and traditions, and sharing with our neighbors. We want to be understood and valued. Cultural diversity has always been a given to us. We accepted it thousands of years ago in recognition of the four skin colors - red, white, black and yellow. Groupings of four, like the four directions and the circle concept are critical in understanding our needs for a balanced approach to daily and spiritual living; the balance between good and evil, winter and summer, life and death.

The Micmac and Maliseet of UNBI are confident that our future in our ancestral home is a bright one for ourselves and for those with whom we share this glorious land.

Together, we take another step into that future. This is the new online home of UNBI. Within these pages you will find a wealth of information. Please take time to browse about and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

NOTE: UNBI has relaunched the new version of its website June 2016. Updates will be ongoing until a full version of the website, which is expected September 2016.

- Rick Perley